In the beginning...

Posted by Taquicia Titus on

Four years ago when I started Naturally Yours Co, I had no idea what I wanted it to be or what I wanted out of it.  My "why" was extremely unclear and has changed several times over the years.  There are the obvious reasons such as leaving something behind for my children, having an additional stream of of income,etc.  Although those are important reasons, I still didn’t have a clear vision of why Naturally Yours should should exist. 

It wasn't until one day that a friend helped me realize that I was creating more than a candle. I was creating an experience of mindfulness and relaxation. When I am in my lab (kitchen) measuring, melting and pouring candles I am at peace. I'm not thinking about what happened with work or any of the issues that may have happened during the day.  Being able to have this creative outlet relaxes me and has been somewhat therapeutic. 

So now I can confidently say that I know my "why" for Naturally Yours Co's existence! It is to provide an aromatic journey of mindfulness and relaxation that will that will lead you on the road to inner peace!